PW Reader Ring: Lindsay & Daniel!

Lindsay's ring!

Lindsay’s ring!

The couple: Lindsay Forman and Daniel Capecci, from Cherry Hill.

The ring: My ring has a platinum setting with a cushion-cut diamond and several little diamonds along the front half of the band. The setting is Tacori, and he did a really great job. Danny went to Jay Roberts in Cherry Hill with with my parents to initially start picking out the ring, but he made the final decision all by himself.

We hadn’t really talked about what I wanted in a ring all too much, just the subtle hint here and there. He had a general idea of the ring I wanted but confirmed it by sneaking into my phone to send himself a collection of screenshots I may or may not have had stashed there. I couldn’t be happier with the final result! It’s everything I could ever want in a ring.

The proposal: I had no idea it was coming. None! Whenever we discussed getting engaged, Danny always led me to believe he wasn’t ready yet, and that it would happen, but not anytime soon. Well, it turns out that he was a very good liar.

I had a vacation with my family planned, and because Danny told me he couldn’t get off of work, I was planning on meeting my family in Florida on the Monday after Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day we exchanged presents, and he told me he had to go last … I agreed and gave him my present. He then handed me a gift bag with a travel jewelry holder in it. Once I opened it, he told me to look inside the necklace section, and I found a Hawaiian lei. This is when he told me that I wasn’t actually going to Florida with my family the next day—and that instead, we were leaving for Hawaii at 6am! This was a huge surprise which led to tears and so much excitement and I genuinely thought that was the whole story.

Once we got to Maui after a long day of traveling, everything was perfect and we were in paradise and it was amazing. We woke up the next morning and spent the day at the hotel pool, and I still thought nothing of it. When it was dinner time, I could tell Danny was being very quiet, and as we walked to the elevator he seemed especially nervous. He had told me that we were eating dinner at 6:30 at the hotel’s steakhouse. When I went to push the elevator button to go to that floor, he quickly corrected me and pressed “3” instead. He walked me out to the hotel’s garden which overlooked the beach and told me we were going to watch the sunset. We sat down on a bench, which I later found out was perfectly staged by the hotel staff, and watched the sunset. As this happened, he began making a speech and that was the moment that I finally let myself believe that this was really happening. We got engaged as the sun set behind us and we both genuinely couldn’t tell you what was said but it was the best moment of our lives.

After it happened, I realized that someone from the hotel was behind us taking our picture and another staff member brought us champagne. After this, we were led to a private dinner on the beach. Danny planned out a six-course menu which featured all of our favorite foods and had wine pairings based off of places we’ve travelled together. It was straight out of an episode of The Bachelor and an absolute dream come true.

The band: We have not thought that far ahead yet, but I am thinking something thin and that complements the diamonds in the bands nicely without being too much.

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