And Here Is Another Non-Traditional RSVP Card for Your Wedding Invitation Inspiration

You know we love a good RSVP card.

We first delighted in this one, which was hilariously clever and yet succinct in the respond options it offered the guests receiving it. (A friend of mine actually ended up copying exactly that for her destination wedding a few months later.) We then chuckled at this one, which was a bit too long and maybe rambling, but offered a lot of pretty funny inspiration if you were looking to work up your own off-kilter RSVP card. And then we came up with our own Philly-ized response card for the back page of Philadelphia Wedding—and we’ll share that with you here soon.

But now, friends, we see this:


Yesssss. | Photo via Twitter

It was sent out by a couple in Australia who will be tying the knot in China later this year, and has just solidified yet again how much we enjoy when couples ditch what’s traditional and cookie-cutter and make any and every aspect of their wedding that they can more reflective of them. Your invites set the tone for your entire celebration, once they’re in your guests hot little hands—and it’s stuff like this that gets them excited for your Big Day.

Did you do a non-traditional RSVP card? What’d it say?

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