PHOTO: If You Want to Do an Unusual RSVP Card for Your Wedding, This One Will Give You Some Ideas

Around this time last year, I posted about what we thought was maybe the funniest RSVP card ever—and it fills me with such glee to tell you that I have two actual, real-life friends who have since used its exact wording in their wedding invites. (And who knows how many readers!)

Today, we saw this one, and both appreciate it for all of the same reasons that we loved the other (it’s not traditional, it’s funny—with a definite ring of truth to it, etc., etc.)—but also feel that it’s maybe just a tad over-the-top (and long!) to be truly usable? Maybe you could use it as inspiration to design an RSVP card of the other’s shorter length, but with some of the sentiments included below. (I Have a Questionably Legitimate Food Allergy made me die. So good.)

Either way, we’re fans of changing it up. Have you seen any hysterical RSVP cards? Are you doing one for your own wedding? 

Some pretty great RSVP-card inspiration in here.

Some pretty great RSVP-card inspiration in here.


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