Honeymoon Inspo: The Perfect Caribbean Vacations for Every Type of Traveler


Hello, beautiful Anguilla. iStockphoto.com/shalamov

As someone who’s been on her fair share of Caribbean vacations, I can vouch for the fact that each island offers travelers a different kind of experience. (For example, Turks & Caicos is very activity-oriented while Anguilla is better suited for couples who want to escape and relax.) In fact, that’s the beauty of vacationing (or in your case honeymooning) in the Caribbean—with 25 countries to choose from you’re bound to find one that fits your needs and desires perfectly.

The folks over at Travel + Leisure seem to feel the same way, since they decided to break down 16 of the Caribbean’s top locales and the kind of traveler each destination appeals to. And their list is pretty comprehensive—whether you want spend your ‘moon avoiding other Americans (hey there, St. Bart’s), instagramming by the pool (try St. Lucia) or eating all the food your stomach can handle (looking at you, Barbados), they’ve got the place that’s right for you.

They’ve even got hotel and resort recommendations for each island, which is pretty darn helpful if you ask us. Take a look at their complete Caribbean guide here and let us know which one you decide on.

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