PW Reader Ring: Kelly Ann & Andrew!

Kelly's ring!

Kelly’s ring!

The couple: Kelly Ann Knorr and Andrew Laba from Willow Grove.

The ring: My ring features a round diamond surrounded by a floral setting and two sapphires on each side, all set in white gold. Andrew says he loves the sapphires because they remind him of my blue eyes, and they are his favorite thing about me.

We had looked at rings a few times, but the process was very overwhelming for me. We found my ring while shopping in Lancaster. He picked it out, and when I put it on, we both fell in love with it. Apparently, though, when he went to buy the ring, he was going to choose a different one—but the salesman told him not to! He said that if we had already found one we both love that he was ahead of the game! I am sure glad he listened because I am obsessed with my gorgeous ring and have gotten so many compliments on it!

The proposal: I am a very busy lady—I have three jobs—so we have to plan everything out. He told me to take a Friday night off work so we could have date night. It didn’t seem that out of the blue to me, so I said sure. I found a super cute dress  one sale, so I planned on wearing that. But he was being very secretive with what we were doing, and wouldn’t tell me anything except that we were going to dinner.

We went to Amuse in the Le Meridian Hotel, and he said that after dinner, we were going to meet up with friends. So after we finished up dinner, we started walking through Love Park. That’s when it hit me that it might be happening!

So we get to the park and he is “looking” around for his friends who are supposedly in the same area, but are nowhere to be found. Next thing I know he is pulling me in front of the Love statue and getting down on one knee! I almost died! It was liked I blacked out, I can’t remember anything he said except for “I’ve loved you since the day I met you.” I mean come on … how sweet!

He even hired a photographer friend of his to be there to capture it! He had been looking at his phone throughout dinner and that’s who he was texting with! It truly was the surprise of a lifetime! He even rented a hotel room for that night, complete with champagne!

The band: We haven’t started shopping for wedding bands yet, but I have a good idea of what I would like: I am thinking a band with diamond and sapphires to tie it all together.

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