Today In Wedding News: You Can Now Have a Robot “Hand Write” Your Thank-You Notes

All courtesy of the registry site Envelope.

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Here’s a sample thank-you note from Envelope.

We’ve talked a lot here on the blog about how best to tackle your post-wedding pile of thank-you notes and all the etiquette involved in getting them done right (see the links below). It’s one of the more tedious to-do’s, we know, which is why we often have couples asking if they have to handwrite all of those thank you’s. Our answer: yes—though if you absolutely must, there are other ways of knocking ’em out too.

If you insist on forgoing handwritten notes, you’ll be interested in the clever new service that the registry website Envelope just launched. (Remember them? It’s the Australia-based site that allows couples to “register” for experiential gifts even beyond the honeymoon.) With the help of a technology startup in New York, Envelope now offers “handwritten” thank-you notes to couples who set up a wedding registry through the site.

Here’s how it works: You’ll choose a pretty card design, type up a personalized thank you to your guest, and Envelope’s handwriting robot will scribble out the message in one of 18 different handwriting styles (your friends and family are likely to know it’s not your actual writing, so don’t stress over which style looks most like your own).

Since Envelope keeps track of your guests’ names, their addresses and the gifts they gave, all you really have to do is come up with the wording. Then they’ll stamp and mail the thank-you’s right out to your guests.

Sounds easy, right? But does it really replace the sentiment of sending a note you hand-wrote yourself?

If you ask local wedding planner Susan Norcross of The Styled Bride, utilizing Envelope’s robot service is a perfectly acceptable alternative, especially if you have sloppy penmanship. “Personally, I’d rather type out a sincere, personalized note that’s a bit longer than have to worry about keeping my message short due to my bad handwriting.” Plenty of couples still send out generic thank-you’s even if they are handwritten, she adds, so if Envelope’s service will make it easier for you to write something more personal, go for it.

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