Ask the Expert: For Gifts That Arrive Before the Wedding, When Should I Send a Thank-You Note?



Question: My wedding is not for a couple of weeks but I’ve already received a handful of early wedding gifts. Should I sent thank-you notes to these people as their gifts arrive, before the wedding—or is it proper etiquette to wait until after the wedding, so I can thank them for attending the celebration, as well?

Answer: There’s no harm in getting a head start on your post-honeymoon to do list, says local planner Renee Patrone of Events by Renee, by knocking out a few thank-you notes prior to the Big Day. “If you receive a gift more than a week before the wedding, it is acceptable to send a thank-you note early—it gives you a chance to tell the guest that you’re looking forward to seeing them (if they are attending) and also confirms that the gift was delivered.”

On the other hand, Patrone suggests that if a gift arrives any sooner than a week before the wedding, it’s perfectly okay to wait until after the party to say thank you—that way you can thank them for sharing the day with you, too.

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