Ask The Expert: Are Handwritten Thank-You Cards a Must?



Question: I was thinking of typing up a form thank-you letter and then changing it a little to personalize it for each of my guests. Is it okay to have a typed thank-you note like this? Or is handwriting each of them a must? 

Answer: In this era of wedding etiquette, it’s acceptable to stray a bit from tradition when it comes to writing thank-you notes, and a typed thank-you letter will suffice, says Christina Hill of Philadelphia’s cHill Weddings—as long as it’s signed by you and your fiancé. However, many experts, including Hill, advise that handwritten cards are always the more sincere option for thanking guests who celebrated with you. “Some of your guests may have handpicked a special gift for you, gifted you an heirloom, or bought you something off the registry that you really needed,” she says. Hill suggests getting an early start should you receive gifts prior to the wedding, and splitting the stack with your partner to prevent hand cramping and progressively sloppy script.

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