Are New Email Addresses the Latest Trend in Wedding Gifts?



We came across an interesting wedding-related topic this weekend that we can’t say we’d heard of before: There seems to be a growing trend in the realm of wedding gifts that involves the bridesmaids surprising the bride by setting her up with a new email account—complete with her new married name.

This article on the subject gives the example of a girl who conspired with her fellow ‘maids to create a Gmail account for their bride-to-be with her new full name. Then they printed out the new email address and password and wrapped it up in a pretty little box for her to open—and, as a really nice touch, they even flooded her inbox with congratulatory messages so she would have nice notes to read the first time she logged in.

It’s a thoughtful idea for sure, and makes sense with all of the name-changing procedures (both legal ones and on social media) that need to be done after the Big Day. Plus, says local planner Lauren Lerner of Lauren James Events, it’s one less to-do for the bride to take care of—especially if she’s uncomfortable or superstitious about creating an email with her new name prior to making it official. “For these brides, having someone else take care of this for them alleviates that stress. Also, your closest friends are always trying to find that creative and unique gift for you, and this is an exciting way to see your new last name.” 

And just a quick note from experience: Setting up a new Gmail account—either for yourself or for someone else—is actually really, really easy. I set one up for my mom when she got remarried earlier this year and it literally took two minutes.

So what do you think? Have you put any thought into changing your email address after the wedding?

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