10 Things You Should Ban at Your Bachelorette Party



The other evening, as my fiancé and I sat down with a few friends for dinner at a nice restaurant, we immediately realized we were next to a bachelorette party. It could have just been a birthday gathering or a regular old girls’ night out at first glance, of course—until we spotted the giant, bright pink sash donned by the girl for whom the evening was being thrown.

“Carrie, are you going to wear one of those …”—and my friend got side-eye from me that gave him his answer before he even got out the word sash, concerning the accessories I’d sport at my upcoming bachelorette party. He asked it facetiously, of course, but oof.

Because the funny thing is, there are so many universal things that ladies dread about bachelorette parties—but then, inevitably, several of them make their appearance each time around! I feel like bachelorette parties are kinda like the hazing the senior girls give the freshmen in Dazed and Confused, or something: You hated it, but it was done unto you, and so you, too, force your best friend to wear a penis candy necklace at the neighborhood establishment she regularly frequents in her work clothes.

If that’s been the case with your group of friends, brides, let yours be the party where it stops! Our guess is that you and your friends are probably in agreement that these 10 things (remember this?) are the very things that add the most painful elements to a bachelorette party—so if you are, just cut them out. (If you love a sash, of course, then please, wear it with pride.)

After all, the foundation of what a bachelorette party is—a day or night or weekend with your best girlfriends; no boys, no kids, just glorious girlfriend-dom—is awesome, especially with how busy everyone always is and how hard it can be to gather everybody together at the same place and time. Why not just leave it at that?

What else do you often dread about a bachelorette party?

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