Would You Invite Your Mother to Your Bachelorette Party? Because Apparently, Some Brides Are.

Yes, it's (supposedly) a thing now.



Let’s file this one under wedding “trends” that make us raise an eyebrow: Mothers of the bride whooping it up at their daughters’ bachelorette parties. Uh, does that sound totally strange to anyone but us?

Well, according to an article we read in the Times today, it is apparently a thing now for moms to not only take part in their daughter’s pre-wedding debauchery, but to encourage it, in some cases. (One mom went so far as to book a VIP table at a strip club and provide convenient stacks of $1 bills for the party.)

For some brides, having mom tag along for your trip to Vegas or Miami might be a nice gesture if you’re super close (in that more-like-a-friend-than-a-parent sort of way), and especially if your outing is mostly going to consist of chill, PG activities like pool lounging, spa-ing, and fine dining—but we can’t imagine that the majority of engaged ladies (or the gal pals they’re celebrating with!) would be too keen on the idea.

But now, we’re curious: What do you think?

POLL: Would you invite your mom to your bachelorette party?

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