Would You Get Married at a Funeral Home?



We’re all for a non-traditional wedding venue, but this one caused us to raise an eyebrow: Apparently it is now becoming a thing to host your wedding at a funeral home. Yep, you read that right.

“Funeral homes aren’t just for funerals anymore,” says a Yahoo article published earlier this week, which mentions that funeral homes are opening their doors to weddings and other events as a way to increase revenue. Since these businesses are usually spacious and suitable for large parties, we sort of understand the marketability here—if you can get over the whole death part, that is. And according to the article, some couples do indeed happy to host their celebration in these spaces as long as they’re aesthetically appealing and the price is right, despite the association.

It goes without saying that all of this funeral home wedding talk left us a bit surprised (if not a little creeped out), so we decided to do a quick survey of some of our local planner friends to see if they had seen this happening around here. Judging by their responses, we can safely say that this is not something that has turned up in the Philadelphia area just yet:

“OMG. NO.”

“Oh my goodness … I hope this isn’t a new trend!”

“No, I have not yet!!!”

“No, but hats off to any funeral director who can sell today’s bride his facility! He is one heck of a salesman!”

“I have yet to experience such a thing. Pretty fascinating idea!”

“No, but I’m dying to! I had to say it.”

Well, there you have it. If, after reading this, you decide to host the first Philly funeral home wedding, please do let us know.

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