Ask the Expert: How Much Can I Expect to Get Back When Reselling My Wedding Dress?



Q: In figuring out my dress budget, I’m trying to calculate how much I’ll be able to make back on it by consigning it at a store or selling it online. Is there a standard percentage I could use to try and gauge that as I’m shopping? I’d plan on doing it right after the wedding so the design is still current.

A: “The resale price of a gown takes many things into consideration,” says Sabrina Sigler, owner of Ardmore’s Sabrina Ann Once Worn & Never Worn Bridal, but in general, “You can expect approximately a 20 to 25 percent return with consigning, and with selling on your own, up to 50 percent.”

Her other tips: If your gown is under two years old, the style is mainstream and the designer is popular, you stand a better chance of selling, and may net more on your own. If your gown is couture, custom, expensive or a boutique designer, your best bet is to consign with a reputable shop, as reselling will be more difficult.

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This article originally appeared in the fall/winter 2015 issue of Philadelphia Wedding

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