PW Reader Ring: Alyssa & Tom!

Alyssa's ring!

Alyssa’s ring!

The couple: Alyssa Koscelansky and Tom Mahoney from Collegeville.

The ring: My ring is a beautiful cushion-cut diamond with a halo on a white-gold band with smaller cushion-cut diamonds down the sides. My fiancé picked it all by himself at Steven Singer Jewelers; he was so in love with it from the moment he saw it he knew it would be perfect for me.

We never once went ring shopping before because I knew that he wanted to surprise me when the time came, and even though I kind of hinted to him some different designs, I knew that whatever he would choose would be perfect. And I’m so happy that he did pick it out all my himself, because it makes it that much more special to me. It’s so sparkly and perfect for me.

The proposal: Right before Christmas last year, we rented a house in the Poconos for Tom’s birthday weekend with about 20 of our friends. On the first night after everyone had arrived, Tom decided to do a funny speech on the balcony of the living room. He started talking and thanking everyone for coming, telling funny inside jokes for each person there. Tom likes to give speeches, so I just figured this was one of his normal speeches, and everyone was recording it on their phones, including me.

Then when he got to me, he started talking about our relationship while walking down the steps. Everyone was asking to each other, “What is he doing?” and with me still recording on my phone, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I lost my breath and was weak in the knees and was completely in shock. Of course I said Yes! and was crying with happiness. No one else in the room knew that he was going to propose besides my younger brother and his younger brother, so everyone else was also in shock and so happy!

After he proposed, I had to call my parents and friends who weren’t there, but neither of my parents answered. Well, soon enough my parents and Tom’s parents ran through the door to surprise me. I was crying and so happy to see them and have them there to celebrate as well.

We celebrated all night and then the next morning I got to relive it all over again by watching the actual video and seeing how perfectly planned and thought out it was. The surprises were not over the next day either because mid-afternoon I was sitting upstairs and heard some people screaming downstairs and next thing I knew my three best friends who couldn’t make it the night before surprised me and drove to the mountain house!

It was the perfect proposal and I was blown away with how surprised I was because it is hard to surprise me.

The band: I am not exactly sure what band I want yet because of how unique my engagement ring, is but I know I want something sparkly to match. I am excited to go looking for bands together and get the perfect ones to match each other and be united forever!

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