Online Registry Site Blueprint Just Re-Launched with a Bunch of New Features

Here's what your Blueprint Registry will look like!

Here’s what your Blueprint Registry will look like!

We first told you about Blueprint Registry in our roundup of six websites that help consolidate and organize your wedding registries, and now the company has re-launched with a new design and a whole bunch of additional features that make the registry process even easier and more exciting.

What sets Blueprint apart from other registry sites is that it encourages you to build your dream home by having you register for items room-by-room. Based on the layout of your home—you can customize your “blueprint” by adding or dropping rooms—the site will direct you to the product categories that are necessary for each room (i.e. cutlery and glassware in the kitchen, linens and serve ware in the dining room), that way you don’t miss any basics or essential items that might slip your mind.

From there you can shop their product catalogue—which features retailers you’re likely planning to register with anyway, like Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma and—and add items from any other store website, as well.

There are a handful of other unique features included in the re-launch too. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

  • Blueprint’s “Experience Room” lets you register for honeymoon and cash gifts, which are broken down into five categories: Honeymoon Fund, Date Night, Wedding Fund, Home Fund and Charity Fund. You have full control over each gift’s image, title, price and description.
  • The group gifting function allows friends and family to go in on larger, more expensive items.
  • Two weeks after your Big Day you’ll receive a post-wedding purchase summary that lets you view every gift purchased along with the purchaser’s name and contact information, which makes sending thank-you notes and making returns so easy.

Have a look at how the whole thing works here before building your own Blueprint registry.

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