PW Reader Ring: Laura & Christopher!

Laura's ring!

Laura’s ring!

The couple: Laura Fitzpatrick and Christopher Houck from Bridgeport.

The ring: My ring has three square-shaped diamonds set in white gold. I had always envisioned a heart-shaped diamond for my engagement ring. Chris knew this, only because naturally, I had made hints over the years.

But when Chris was ready to take the step into picking out my ring, he didn’t feel that a heart shaped was “me.” He chose my ring strictly because he knew it would look great on my finger, and he was right! He even offered to take me back and exchange it for a different ring in case he had gotten it wrong, and of course, I said no way! The fact that he chose something that he loved made me love it more!

The proposal: Chris and I each have a child from a previous relationship, and soon after we all moved in together we welcomed our son into the world, and our family was complete. I  personally did not think that marriage was something in our near future because we are happy, content and secure in our love.

But on Chris’s birthday, we were enjoying dinner as a family like we do every night. I made him his favorite (chicken parm) and the kids gave him their gifts to open while we ate birthday brownies. I was sitting at the end of our dining room table with a spaghetti-covered toddler on my lap when Chris rose to his feet and stated that he had “one more gift that he got for himself.” I watched, confused, as he walked over to me ,and as he got down on one knee, my hands began to shake. This man chose to give up the one day a year that is all about him to me.

His whole plan was to do this, while surrounded by our children, because at the end of it all, as long as we have each other we don’t need anything else. Naturally, I sobbed and asked if I was being punked and asked where Ashton Kutcher was!

The band: We have already purchased Chris’s wedding band, which is black steel. Since my ring doesn’t have a normal shape on the sides, we are going to a local jeweler to customize a wrap-around band with a mix of black diamonds.

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