If You Don’t Want to Do a First Dance, Here’s What to Do Instead



I have a friend getting married in October who is desperately trying to figure out how she can basically avoid any and all moments at her wedding during which she would be the extra focus of all the attention in the room. (I mean, she’s the bride, so that’s always, but we’re talking about moments where the party essentially stops so that all eyes can be on her and her groom.) Matter of a fact, this Ask the Expert question we did on how a couple could just skip that whole bridal-party-announcement portion of the beginning of a reception is from her.

Well, I’m wondering if the people over at Loverly wrote this post for her, too, because it offers some pretty clever options for alternatives if you also wish to just skip that whole first-dance portion of the evening, as well. And the good news about each of their five ideas—like, say, doing a champagne toast right off the bat followed by a bridal party dance— is that they still kick off the evening in the way that couple’s first dance does, so you still get that get-this-party-started feeling without the spotlight pointed directly at you.

Are any of you planning on doing things a little non-traditionally to avoid moments like these? Share your clever ideas with the class! 

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