These are the Foods You Should—and Should Not—Eat on Your Wedding Day



Despite all of the effort couples put into the food that’s served on their Big Day, one of the most common remarks we hear from brides post-wedding is that they never got a chance to eat—whether you’re stuck posing for photos during cocktail hour, too nervous and excited to stomach a meal or too busy mingling with your guests to sit down for dinner, food can easily become an afterthought.

You need to eat, however, lest you get woozy, light-headed, or worse—hangry!—so it’s important to stay hydrated and find time to refuel your body with wholesome, bloat-busting foods throughout the entire day, no matter how hard all those butterflies make it to work up much of an appetite.

These helpful tips from a registered dietician break it all down for you: Start with a light breakfast (peanut butter toast with a side of fruit or Greek yogurt with granola are great options), nosh on healthy snacks (like trail mix and apple slices) as often as you can, and make it a point to eat when your guests are eating. An all-champagne diet on your wedding day is not a great idea.

Sounds pretty doable, don’t you think? Check out all of the advice and other smart food choices here.

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