6 Tips for Not Getting Sick Right Before Your Wedding



It’s here, ladies and gentlemen, and you’ve probably noticed it among your co-workers, families and friends: the coughs. The sneezes. The sore throats. The “I don’t feel good”s. We may have been enjoying a few unseasonably warm temps these past few days, but cough, cold and flu season is upon us, and this is particularly terrifying for the about-to-be-marrieds of the world.

We all know the horror of getting sick at an especially inopportune time: before a big birthday or vacation or interview or anything on your calendar that you’ve circled and have been staring at and preparing forever—but few situations can really compete with the horror of a bride or groom getting sick before they’re to tie the knot. (I have heard the stories, and they make me cry and cringe all at once.)

That’s why we found these tips for staying healthy right before your wedding particularly relevant at the moment, and worth repeating—though I will add in one seemingly obvious tip that is not included in that roundup: STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE.

You know how if, you are sick, you will take extra extra care to not spread it to, say, babies, people who might be going through chemo or have an otherwise weakened immune system, the elderly, etc., etc.? Well, people should be adding you to that list if they find themselves unwell and staying the heck away from you—but in case they don’t, do not worry about being rude, or offending them. Stay away from them, don’t touch things that they touch, don’t breathe the air that they breathe, and so forth. It’s fine. You can catch up with them after the wedding.

What else? Share your tips for keeping wedding-ruining sicknesses away in the comments!

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