5 Ways Being a Bride Will Make You a More Considerate Wedding Guest



Not too long ago, we rounded up stories from our readers about the worst time they ever had as a wedding guest (think: no food, cash bars and plastic tents in June without ventilation) so that you, our wedding-planning couples, would read them and be able to avoid certain situations that can cause your wedding guests varying levels of misery.

Well, we thought this was a really interesting opposite perspective: a writer over on HuffPo rounded up the ways that being a bride had, in turn, made her a better wedding guest. And they make total sense! From RSVPing on time to ignoring the one-year wedding-present rule, we can only imagine that if you’re fairly far into this process, you will find yourself Yes!-ing in agreement at more than one point.

What else have you experienced as a bride that you know you’ll consider the next time you’re invited to a wedding? 

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