If You’ve Got $100,000, This Company Will Guarantee It Doesn’t Rain On Your Wedding Day



There is perhaps no wedding stress as all-encompassing for a bride as fretting about the weather is for an outdoor bride.

Any couple planning to tie the knot—or celebrate tying the knot—outside, underneath the sun or stars, inevitably starts obsessing over weather patterns basically starting a year out, no matter how solid their Plan B is. They stare at almanacs and pray to God and weathermen that their Big Day will be a clear one. A sunny, temperate, cloudless, gorgeous display of perfect weather.

Well luckily, there is now a company offering such a service that, if you sign up for it, you needn’t give the weather a second thought after booking your outdoor venue—because they will absolutely guarantee it doesn’t rain on your wedding day. And it only costs just a tad over $100,000!

UK-based luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels is now offering a Perfect Day package, which they describe as “superhero-style weather modification.” What they do is employ a team of both pilots and meteorologists, who will, after three weeks of planning, fly into the sky where they will use silver iodide to “seed” the clouds. What this does is basically burst them; it causes the clouds to “drop rain and dissipate quickly,” over a period of 24 hours. (And according to the Telegraph, there’s at least one couple who’s employed cloud seeding before their wedding day: Prince William and his bride, now the Duchess of Cambridge.)

There is a catch, though—er, you know, beyond the price tag, we mean: At the moment, Oliver’s Travels is only rolling this service out in France. If it takes off, they’ll expand into England and Italy—and one can only hope for our non-destination brides, eventually, to the sometimes-rainy US.

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