22 Super Important Dos & Don’ts for Planning a Destination Wedding



I just got finished reading a Condé Nast Traveler article on destination weddings (yes, perhaps I was a little drawn in by the thought of being in a destination/anywhere else right now … brrr), and immediately had to share it, because, my destination-intending couples, it has got some seriously good advice in it.

Planning a destination wedding is wildly different than planning one in the town in which you reside, and while you might say Yes, thanks, I realize that, unless you are knee-deep in it right now, you might not realize just how differently this will go than what you’ve heard your Philly-married friends and family talk about.

So—especially if you are in the stages of a) still considering whether or not you and your to-be are actually going to do the destination thing or b) just getting started on putting together your far-flung nuptials—take a look at these really helpful dos and don’ts, along with other pieces we’ve done here at PW on the subject. This is one project where you want your ducks quite perfectly in a row, and getting as many of them lined up before you even begin is just about the best way you can possibly start.

Are you a Philly-based destination bride? Where ya headed?

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