5 Things to Consider Before Deciding On a Destination Wedding



Have you ever been to a destination wedding, and as you sit there, watching the couple exchange vows, palm trees and crystal blue sea behind them, realized you could not possibly imagine them doing that anywhere else? Like, the idea of them tying the knot in a church and then reception-ing in a ballroom is just so completely bizarre? Or on the other hand, known another couple who, if they told you they were getting married on a far-flung island somewhere, she with a hibiscus in her hair, he in bare feet, you would think they’d lost their minds?

That’s because destination weddings are a very unique kind of wedding—one that suits some couples just about perfectly, and one that wouldn’t even begin to be an option for many others. Some of it has to do with the bride and groom’s personalities, of course—and then a lot of it has to do with their circumstances: How many people do they want to have at their wedding? Can the majority of these people swing a trip like that when it comes to their finances, health, childcare situations? There are so many factors to think about when it comes to deciding a destination wedding; it’s just not the type of thing that can be booked as easily as choosing peonies for your bouquet.

This piece on HuffPo points to five really important things to consider when deciding whether or not a destination wedding is a good and realistic choice for you, from various logistical situations to asking you to really think about knowing yourself (i.e., will planning this thing from hundreds of miles away by phone and email make you go insane?).

It’s worth taking a beat to think about this stuff before signing up for a white-sand wedding—and then possibly realizing you were a ballroom bride all along.

How did you decide a destination wedding was for you? 

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