Coolest Wedding Date Ever—12/13/14—Is Here for Thousands of Couples This Weekend



You guys, Saturday’s date has been circled on the calendar for so long now, and it’s nearly upon us: The Last Consecutive Date This Century, otherwise known as The Coolest Anniversary Ever, otherwise known as 12/13/14.

We started talking about this back when people were tripping over themselves to get married on 11/12/13, the second-to-last consecutive date this century, and by this summer, we started to talk stats and figures about how many people would be tying the knot this upcoming Saturday.

By taking a look around, we’d say that it’s going to be a lot. I have an email from David’s Bridal this morning saying that according to their registries, some 12,000 couples are signed up to tie the knot tomorrow. The Washington Post has an article today (which speaks to the whole numerology business of these kinds of dates and is pretty amusing) in which they checked in with a few major venues in Vegas and found a few hundred wedding reservations lying in wait for 12/13/14. And who knows—we wouldn’t be surprised if couples throughout the world woke up tomorrow and said, Hey, why not, let’s go get married! and surprised their families with a phone call later.

It’s fun, it’s easy to remember, and this type of date won’t come around again until 2101. Congrats to all the clever couples tying the knot this weekend!

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