People Cannot Wait to Get Married on 12/13/14



Last year, I told you about how people were mega pumped to get married on 11/12/13 because it was the second-to-last consecutive date ever—and in talking about this year, I mentioned this exciting prospect (if I may quote myself):

Next year, by the way—12/13/14—the very last date like this in this century, falls on a Saturday, so wowzers is that going to be huge. If you like this sort of thing, you had better get booking.

And whoa has that turned out to be true. The Last Consecutive Date Ever (well, unless you count 1/2/34 coming up way down the pipe)—and on a Saturday—is about six months away at this point, and this week there have been a flurry of articles talking about how so many people have planned their weddings for that day, and how the newly engaged are scrambling to arrange their knot-tying on that date, that they all might have the Coolest Anniversary Date Ever.

The New York Post reports that the David’s Bridal people (who, for whatever reason, are the official people who keep track of these sorts of things), have declared that  some 20,000 couples will get married in the US on that date—and that’s not counting the people who decide to go for it on the spur of the moment (read: elope) in order to capture such a memorable wedding date. (I have a co-worker who is attending a wedding on 12/13/14, which was insisted upon by the groom in question who both thought it would be cool and figured he would always remember his anniversary.)

Are any of you getting married on 12/13/14? Tell us about it in the comments!

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