You Should Choose Your Honeymoon Destination After Looking at These 14 Amazing Hotel Bathtubs 



Somehow, a post from one of last year’s Travel & Leisure roundups crossed my desk this afternoon, and as I clicked through, mesmerized by what I was seeing, I realized what lens I had automatically viewed it through: honeymoon research.

We hear about couples’ honeymoon inspiration all the time here at PW, and just as often as soon-to-be newlyweds are drawn by a particular destination, they’re also pulled by the desire to engage in a certain beloved activity (scuba diving! Sightseeing!), or stay in a specific place that they have seen or heard about and always wanted to visit. Really anything can be a kicking-off point for where a couple might book their post-nuptial getaway.

Well in our humble opinion, it would be completely understandable if you decided to book your honeymoon based on one of these bathtubs. That Maldives one? Seriously? (It’s glass.) Soaking in that with your honey with some bubbly and that view seems like good reason enough to honeymoon there. (Plus the hotels—and the destinations—don’t look half bad, either.)

Which one do you most want to relax in on your ‘moon?

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