You Need to Stay at One of These 16 Unbelievably Unbelievable Hotels for Your Honeymoon



So I’m not going to lie, I started writing this post quite a while ago. But I got distracted. And when you see why, well—say goodbye to the next hour of your workday, too.

Buzzfeed did a roundup of 16 of the most amazing, unique, out-of-this-world, once-in-a-lifetime hotels across the globe, and when we saw it, obviously, all we could think was that these are all precisely the types of places one should stay on a honeymoon. (In most cases, the destinations themselves—Kenya, Maldives, Fiji—and not just the hotels, are totally honeymoon-worthy, too.)

And since the roundup caused us over here to delve deep into the websites of these ridic hotels where giraffes stick their noses in your window while you’re eating breakfast and you can stare at the Northern Lights in Finland/the colorful underwater world in Fiji as you fall asleep OMG, we figured it was some honeymoon inspiration you needed to know about.

Our apologies to your bosses for your lack of productivity the rest of the day. But we hope it helps you figure out that ‘moon!

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