Here’s How to Skip Filling Out All Those Registration Forms at Bridal Shows 

A wedding-themed address label from Paper Source's custom section.

A wedding-themed address label from Paper Source’s custom section.

Yesterday morning, I was hanging out at the magazine’s little Philadelphia Wedding table at Brides, Bubbly & Brunch, greeting brides and chatting with vendors, when one of the brides who had grabbed an entry form to try and win the gift basket containing a variety of items decorated with wedding-themed graphics from my book totally blew my mind when she filled out the form faster than anyone else had all morning (and yes, I told her this was totally going to be a blog post):

She just slapped a return address label on the form, quickly penciled in her email address, and went on her merry way!

She had an entire sheet of them stashed in her purse, and said that she had gathered the tip from a bridal show she happened to have attended in Virginia. And as any of you know, at these events, you will often be asked for your full information a million times before you’re in and back out the door: there’s registration, exchange of info with any vendors you happen to chat and click with, lots of prizes and raffles and giveaways and whatnot (like what we were doing here), and copying your stuff over and over can get real old, real fast. (Plus, if you have a cupcake in one hand and champagne in the other, of course, it can get even more complicated.)

So whether you use your usual address labels or order a few extra of whatever ones you’re getting specially made for various wedding-related mailings (we made ours with Paper Source’s custom wedding labels!), we do hereby wholeheartedly endorse and steal this tip. Hope it makes this one thing a little easier as you plan this celebration!

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