Here’s All the Stuff You Just Shouldn’t Worry About Once It’s Your Wedding Day



One of my best friends got married the other week, and when she was in the back of the tanning salon getting hosed down with her bridal glow the night before the rehearsal dinner, her mom asked me at what point did I think our darling bride would start feeling less stressed and more excited. I told her what I tell every girl who is wondering the same thing in the hectic days before she waltzes down the aisle: I don’t know—it’s different for everyone—but it’ll definitely happen.

There’s a moment when every bride just says, Eh, whatever it is, it is, and whatever will be will be (sorry if you’re singing “Que Sera Sera” now), and you know what? I just don’t care anymore. 

And what they mean by not “caring” anymore, of course, is that they’re just not going to worry about any of the little details that don’t have a bearing on whether or not they end up married to their best friend at the end of the day. And that’s the moment all brides should have.

That’s what this Buzzfeed post is all about—they’ve rounded up 36 things, actually, that you shouldn’t worry about, come your wedding day—and on this Friday afternoon, brides, I invite you to read it, and look forward to the moment when you, too, let go and let whatever will be, be.

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