PW Reader Ring: Alex & Josh!

Alex's ring!

Alex’s ring!

The couple: Alex Dalgliesh and Josh Pardue from Newtown Square.

The ring: My ring is a round, brilliant-cut diamond set in four prongs with a pave 14-karat white-gold band. My fiance, Josh, picked it entirely on his own. He won’t make any big purchase without becoming an expert on what he’s buying, and this was no exception! He learned everything there was to know about diamonds (including which “C” was most important to him!) before selecting the center stone, and then he picked out a matching band. His attention to detail was spot on —it’s exactly what I had always wanted: elegant and classic, with a lot of sparkle!

The proposal: To celebrate my 25th birthday, Josh surprised me with an autumn trip to Europe—Prague, Vienna and Munich (for Oktoberfest, so it was a bit of a present to himself too!).

We were sitting on a train from Munich to Prague plotting out our itinerary, including where we would eat dinner that week, and Josh suggested, since it was my birthday trip after all, that we go to a restaurant on the river overlooking the Charles Bridge, Kampa Park, the next night for their Michelin-star rated seven-course dinner. It seemed elaborate, I thought, but then again, how often are we in Prague?

Fast forward to the next night, post-sightseeing and post-dinner (it was incredible and 100-percent worth it) to us walking across the famous Charles Bridge. The night was crystal clear and picture perfect—the ideal opportunity to take a tourist selfie.

Well, two failed selfies later, Josh asked a nice “tourist” with an impressive professional camera if he would mind snapping a photo on my point-and-shoot. Next thing I know, the “tourist” is snapping away on his camera, positioning us in front of the castle perfectly and telling us he’ll email us the pictures. (Should I have caught on by now? Perhaps. But combine my trusting nature with my affinity for pictures, and I felt like I had just hit the photography jackpot. Little did I know what was coming …)

Before I knew it, Josh told me to close my eyes because he had a surprise for me. Then it clicked. He was down on one knee, proposing (on camera), with a bottle of champagne waiting with the “tourist,” ahem, hired photographer. It was such a magical, beautiful and surprising moment that even I was speechless, forgetting to say yes!

Lucky for Josh (and the rest of our trip, since it was only day two), I found my words and traveled through the rest of our trip, and the adventure since, as fiances!

The band: I chose a complementary pave diamond 14-karat white-gold band. Taking the advice of a good friend who warned me against selecting a band with diamonds of the exact size of the ones in the engagement band, since the two band tend to blend together, I chose a band with diamonds that are a bit bigger than the ones in my engagement band.

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