PW Reader Ring: Christina & Rob!

Christina's ring!

Christina’s ring!

The couple: Christina Pagano and Rob Grundlock, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is an oval-cut solitaire set with six prongs on a white-gold band. For my birthday last winter, Rob took me to brunch at Talula’s Garden and then afterwards, took me to Jewelers’ Row to look at rings. We agreed from the start what type of ring we both liked, and what we were looking for. Of course, from that day on I began looking for signs of a ring box in his pocket!

Rob actually ended up using a private jeweler to get the ring, and while it is not one of the ones we looked at, it is perfect and exactly what I had hoped for!

The proposal: Rob had asked me early in the week if I wanted to go to lunch on Saturday and walk around Penn’s campus. This wasn’t an unusual request, because we would often spend Saturdays doing our own make-shift “bar crawls” in the city.

Saturday rolled around, and by the time I was finally ready to go, the sky had darkened and a storm seemed imminent. We arrived at UPenn just as the rain started. I am generally a pretty big complainer, but Rob seemed really excited for this walk, so for the first time in my life, I actually went with the flow. We made our way to Penn Park just as it began to torrentially rain. We hid under a tunnel and attempted to keep our umbrella from flying away while admiring the great view of the skyline. (I later found out that Rob had enlisted my younger brother, who works at Penn, to help him find the perfect locale with a view of the skyline since I love this city so much.)

When the rain finally subsided, we began to head back on the path towards the car. Rob stopped me at that moment and said, “I know you won’t remember what I am going to say … Will you marry me?” And of course, I do not remember anything else that he said! I just kept repeating that I was speechless! As promised, Rob took me out to lunch (City Tap House) where we had celebratory drinks and called friends and family.

The band: I really have no idea what kind of band would look best with the oval diamond. Suggestions welcome!

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