New iPad App Lets You Try Wedding Dresses On Virtually Before You Go Out Shopping 



Not that anything will ever replace twirling like a princess in a pretty, luxurious dressing room—but this is definitely an interesting idea.

Toronto-based company Wedding Reality, Inc. launched the new Wedding Dress Studio iPad app today that allows brides to futz around with different wedding dress styles and silhouettes in order to try and figure out you you might like, and what might look good on you, before heading out to the bridal salons to try things on and engage in the aforementioned twirling.

Here’s how it works: You upload a full-body picture of yourself to the app, and then you can “try on” various necklines, silhouettes, fabrics and styles, adjusting the shoulders and the hips and whatnot to get the right fit, and then to see see what such a dress might actually look like on you. If you fiddle until you love something, you can save it (and of course, upload it to whatever social media channels you wish).

I can actually see how this would be helpful if you’re trying to at least narrow down a bit what particular features of dresses you like and don’t like before going to the store, though I would say that if you’re still on the fence about anything—sweetheart necklines! Layers of tulle! Mermaids!—that there’s nothing better than stepping into it, zipping it up, and walking out to face either the scrunched-up noses or ecstatic tears of your entourage.

Would you try it?

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