VIDEO: We’re Obsessed With This Ralph & Russo Wedding Gown That Took 3,900 Hours to Make

I have basically had this video playing in the background on my desktop since I discovered it. I think this might be one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at it.

Vogue UK profiled the show closer for the Ralph & Russo fall/winter 2014-15 runway show, the aforementioned Most Amazing Wedding Gown Ever.

In the piece, we learn that the gown took 3,900 hours to make; is comprised of 40 different types of beading, 25 different types of Swarovski crystal; and that the designers, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, will only be making one per country, so you had better get your order in before any other betrothed American girl.

Take a look at the article for even more fun background—including how Tunisian model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem lost her shoe under the behemoth skirt almost immediately upon stepping down the catwalk—and then, please join me in watching this on repeat (you’ve also got to click through this slideshow of behind-the-scenes shots, which really show the details of this stunner):

So who else is in love?

{h/t: Refinery29}

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