Here’s What to Consider When Shopping for Your Wedding-Day Shoes



Your wedding dress is the star of your wedding-day ensemble, obviously, but there are also two very important supporting roles to consider with your wedding-day look: your veil or headpiece—and your shoes.

It is our personal opinion here at PW that you really should choose your wedding dress before your shoes if at all possible—all the easier to make sure the style, look and height are what they need to be for your dress, instead of trying to work it the other way around—but we also understand that sometimes, things like the perfect pair of shoes simply find you, and demand to come home with you.

Whether you buy your dress or shoes first, we thought this little guide to all the things you need to consider when choosing your wedding-day shoes was super helpful. Take a look before you go shopping—and then catch up on all the ways you can break them in and make them more comfortable for your Big Day.

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