Study Shows That Splitting Household Chores Leads To Better Married Sex



On multiple occasions, this blog has touched on the (honest) truth about wedding-night sex. Although we already suspected that the experience is less than magical for many newlyweds, proof came in the form of candid testimonies from Philly brides and a study showing that more than half of couples don’t have sex on their wedding night.

But before you let that dose of reality turn you off, we’ve caught wind of a recent study that looks more favorably upon married sex (and it just might convince your hubby to stop complaining when it’s his turn to do the dishes).

According to a brief written by Cornell Professor Sharon Sassler for the Council of Contemporary Families, couples who split their household chores evenly—as opposed to the woman doing the bulk of the work—are more satisfied with their sex lives. The data referenced shows that couples who share domestic labor reported more frequent sex, and higher satisfaction with the frequency and quality of their sex, than couples who adhere to conventional gender behaviors.

As it turns out, the division of household chores has more influence on overall marital satisfaction than you might think. We came across this study just last month which found that if a woman expected the household chores to be shared evenly, and they weren’t, it negatively affected her marital satisfaction.

Hard-hitting stuff, right? We suggest you read up on the facts now and avoid a fight over laundry duty later.

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