Statistics Show That You’re Probably Not Going to Have Sex on Your Wedding Night. Sorry.

A new study's got the numbers to show that after their wedding, everyone is just really, really tired. Or drunk.

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Ah ha!

Not too long after we asked Philly brides to spill the beans on what their wedding night was really like for the spring/summer 2013 issue of Philadelphia Wedding, we are vindicated!

Thing is, according to most of what we had ever heard, we here at PW had concluded that due to extreme physical, emotional, spiritual, mental (read: complete and utter) exhaustion after most weddings—well, that or, you know, extreme drunkenness—many couples did not, in fact, consummate their marriage on the night of their wedding. Or, that if they did, it wasn’t exactly anything to write home about, if writing home about wedding-night sex were an appropriate thing to do. The stories Philly brides told us totally backed this theory up.

And now, people, we’ve got numbers: A new poll shows that out of a few thousand people asked, 52 percent did not have sex on their wedding night! The responding couples’ reasons were pretty much the same ones our local brides cited (tired, stressed, bombed)—though happily, at least, none of ours mentioned having gotten in a fight at the reception.

So there you have it. If you wake up the morning after your wedding having not yet, um, sealed the deal, don’t fret. You’re in the majority. Just make up for it on the honeymoon.

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