These Are the 19 Different Types of Weddings



This delighted me over my cup of coffee this morning, and so I thought I’d share, that it might delight you, too—because it’s pretty damn hilarious.

Think of every wedding you’ve been to, have been in—and, well, are planning. Think of its characteristics: the decor, the people who were there, the type of music and food that marked the night, how the ceremony went. Betcha you’ll be able to pack it up into one of the 19 boxes in Jezebel’s “field guide” to all the different categories that pretty much every wedding falls into. (Though a quick scan of the comments also reveals The Dry Wedding and The Wedding You’re Not So Sure Why You’re In, both of which, we imagine, you can put a finger on, too.)

Generalizing and exaggerating? Maybe—but not much, if you really think about it. And who cares: it’s fun.

So which of these weddings are you currently planning? 

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