VIDEO: This Groom Surprising His Bride With a Choreographed Dance (With His Groomsmen!) Is Actually Really Impressive 

Ok, so the Surprise Wedding Dance has officially become a Thing. And while it almost always seems to be the bride who is being surprised (except in the case of the Dirty Dancing Couple, who surprised their guests!), the cast of characters who is surprising her does seem to have a range—the groom and his mother, her best man and some handy professional backup dancers, etc. And now we have here the groom and his groomsmen.

I have to say, I am okay with this particular wedding Thing. As long as the party doing the surprise dancing puts some effort into it, it’s pretty fun and funny, and will make for some really amazing memories down the line. Plus, this particular showing is really impressive. I’m not sure I know a bunch of dudes who could and would memorize a nearly six-minute dance routine (sorry guys)—but I guess that’s what makes it fun: You never know.

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