VIDEO: Bride’s Best Man Surprises Her With an Amazing Britney Spears Dance During His Wedding Speech

This video is quite literally the very first thing I saw this morning when I opened my eyes (which was both helpful in getting me to wake up and confusing, because having missed the introductory explanation, all I could think was Why on earth can those groomsmen dance like that??) as it played on Good Morning America, and even in my half-zonked state, it definitely got my attention.

It’s the video of a dude named Bradley Bredeweg, who was the best man for his best friend’s wedding—his best friend being the bride, Stephanie Huntington—recently in California, delivering his wedding speech. In it, he talked of how Britney Spears was kind of the soundtrack to their decade-plus friendship—and then, just as she realized why he emphasized the word “work” in his speech, the champagne-delivering servers revealed themselves as dancers, and everyone broke into a fabulously choreographed dance to Brit’s “Work Bitch.”

And it is glorious—so glorious, in fact, that Britney herself called it out on Twitter:

We officially heart surprise dance performances during weddings. (Remember the couple who surprised their guests with a frigging perfect rendition of the Dirty Dancing dance?)

Read about how her best man pulled it off and what the bride thought here.

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