PW Reader Ring: Alex & Matt!

Alex's ring!

Alex’s ring!

The couple: Alexandra Walsh and Matt Mazza from Philadelphia.

The ring: The center diamond is asscher cut and set in a Whitehouse Brothers 18-karat yellow-gold filigree design. Each Whitehouse Brothers ring is hand-made with a vintage mold, hand engraved and die-struck. I absolutely love it!

I found out after the proposal that Matt had been designing my ring with the president of Safian & Rudolph Jewelers (I’m in PR, and he’s a client) for months. Richie had been gathering intel on everything from my likes (vintage styles, yellow gold) to my ring size (he measured me and a few of my coworkers in the store a few months back “just because”).

Matt has always teased me about wanting yellow gold (it’s all I wear!) for my engagement ring, so I was very pleasantly surprised when my ring was the metal I had been hoping for!

The proposal: We went to St. Michael’s, Maryland for my birthday for a long weekend, and the second night was dinner overlooking the water at The Town Dock restaurant. Matt seemed really weird all day, and if he hadn’t been “Chandler Binging” me for months and telling me he was nowhere near ready to get engaged, I would have definitely been suspicious, but I wasn’t at all. As soon as we were seated at our table and ordered a drink he knocked his silverware onto the ground and popped up on one knee with a ring!

At first I didn’t know what was happening—and then I realized, and couldn’t believe it. People around us started cheering and neither of us remember how he proposed or what I said; we know it was something along the lines of, “Will you be my wife?” and me responding with yes. People of all ages came over to our table to wish us luck,and one couple even sent us champagne! It was such an amazing night. I found out the prior morning he had asked my mom and grandparents for their blessing, which made it even more special.

The band: Our plan is to buy each other matching Cartier yellow gold love wedding bands as our wedding gift to each other.

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