So We’re Thinking You Don’t Need to Worry About the Study That Says Regular Twitter Use Can Cause Divorce



Good news, ladies: You probably don’t need to monitor your to-be’s Twitter account tonight when they’re taking a shower, lest your union fall victim to the infidelity, other “Twitter-related conflict,” and inevitable divorce outlined in a new study from the University of Missouri that’s making the rounds.

We’ve been reacting to a lot of what we’re reading on that with a big Hmm, so we were happy today to read a piece on Slate that articulated why this all might be a little silly. Because the thing is this, and we agree:

If we can start to think about Twitter like any other community, telling people to log off to stop cheating sounds completely ludicrous. If your husband can’t stop eyeing his co-workers, does that mean he ought to quit working? And if your wife is cheating with her gym buddy, does that mean that exercising is to blame?

The piece also does a good job of pointing out some of the questionable factors of the study itself, but the overall point, in short, is that if your person is going to cause trouble in your marriage—for whatever reason—Twitter is just another possible avenue, if Twitter is indeed a part of his or her life, where it is possible for them to stir up the trouble. And to this we say, Exactly! And, kinda, Duh. So it seems a bit pointless to blame the little blue bird.

So please: even if he gives a little jump every time he gets a new follower or checks his feed before he gets out of bed in the morning, carry on with choosing those table linens and sending him pictures of the diamond wedding band you would like to go try on this Sunday. And unless he’s zoning out on his phone while you’re talking about what time you’re meeting with the caterer next week, don’t spend too much time worrying about how you’re going to boot him off the Twitter.

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