Dude Proposes to Girlfriend Via Instagram; Instagram Proposals Will Inevitably Become a Thing Now



Well, we told you once about a couple who met and, like, dated on Instagram (and ended up getting engaged)—and now, of course, a couple has actually gotten engaged via Instagram!

The Today Show’s got the story of Jenna Caine and Neil Parris, who met for the first time in person, but then flirted, talked, and started dating over social media, since they lived far apart. Recently, Neil proposed—over Instagram, through a feed he created just for the occasion, with 42 photos and videos that started from the day they met and ended with a image asking “Will You …”

It’s pretty cute and clever, we must say. And we also must say that yes, whether it becomes a bonafide “trend” or not, we think we are going to be hearing a whole lot more stories like this one.

Any of you out there have one already? Tell us!

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