New Website Helps You Figure Out What Your Married Name Should Be Before You Change It

The ever-helpful name-change site has launched



Changing your name may not be at the top of your planning to-do list right now, but once the party (and honeymoon!) is over and the marriage license is signed, you may realize that the whole changing-your-name thing isn’t as easy as you think.

Here at PW, we’ve discussed before how your married name effects your online identity, and with more and more things being attached to your maiden name these days (how will old friends on Facebook ever find you now?), taking your last name out of the equation completely may not be the best option for you.

Danielle Tate, the name-change expert and CEO of the popular, a site aimed at easing the name-changing process, has just launched a brand new site called This new service uses algorithms based on various life factors and information about youself that you provide via an eight-step questionnaire. It asks both basic things like age, how many children you may want, and your education level, and some less basic things like where you imagine taking your honeymoon, and who is doing the majority of the wedding planning.

Once the questionnaire is complete, the site instantly spits out the perfect solution for you; whether it tells you to take two last names, hyphen your last name with his, or maybe even not change your name at all. And then, of course, you’ve got the option to instantly share the results so that all your friends on Facebook can see your new name-to-be.

Once you’ve found the name or perfect combo of names, simply venture back to Tate’s original site and begin taking the steps to make this new fab last/middle/hypehnated name of yours legal.

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