Solutions to 24 Tricky Wedding-Etiquette Questions



When I was invited to my first engagement party, that excited first-timer feeling was instantly overtaken by panic: Should I bring a gift? How much should I spend? Do I dress up? Of course, I turned to my mom for the answers, who helped the best she could. But when I showed up to the party wearing boots and carrying a bottle of wine while the rest of the guests wore sky-high heels and carried elaborately wrapped gifts, the panic immediately washed over me once again.

Times are ever-changing, and with them, wedding trends, wedding traditions—and wedding etiquette. That means Mom (dare we say it) might not always be the best source for wedding etiquette. That’s why we loved this roundup on by etiquette expert Anna Post of solutions to some of the most confounding wedding etiquette out there—not just for the brides- and grooms-to-be, but for wedding guests and bridal party, too.

So take a moment, and check out the best ways to handle those pesky questions (about tipping your wedding vendors, filling out a check for a gift, and of course, dealing with that ever-stressful guest list) so you don’t end up clueless when they do come up (and they will). Just please don’t tell your mom (or my mom) we said that.

{Below, find some elaboration on many of the topics touched on in the article from past posts right here on PW.} 

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