How To Tell People You’re Engaged

How To Tell People You're Engaged


That seems like a weird title—and topic—for a post, we bet you’re thinking. That seems like common sense, you say? Well, we wish. But the thing is, in this age of technology or whatever you want to call it, we unfortunately find ourselves cringing more often than we’d like after hearing about, say, a girl who changed her status to “engaged” before telling her best friends, or a guy who Tweeted, “She said yes!” before calling his parents.

And, so, the post.

Today, we came across this article, which actually ranks, in order of importance, the people who you should tell after he gets up off his knee. It’s got some great tips about what to consider when it comes to your announcements, too (like: parents might actually be hurt if they’re not the very first to know; kids, whether they’re yours or his, need to have news broken to them with joy, of course, but also a certain sensitivity).

It also reminded us of the article we published on this very topic not too long ago, that not only covered the whole engagement-announcing thing, but also gave tips and advice in a list of dos and don’ts for how to use the web—and not use the web—throughout the entire planning process.

Because you might think it’s all common sense—but go check your newsfeed. You might be surprised.

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