13 Clever Websites That Will Help You Plan Your Wedding

From tools that help with your seating chart to ones that calculate how much alcohol you'll need, there's a whole lot of help to be had online.



As you very well know by now, there are oodles of wbesites out there that can help you plan your wedding in a general way by offering tips and advice, ideas and inspiration, etc., etc., etc.. (Hey, you’re on your favorite right now, aren’t you?)

But what we like about this HuffPo roundup is that it gathers 13 wedding websites that really took off in 2013 that each offer a tool to help you plan, manage or execute a specific area of your wedding. There are sites that offer fresh new wedding website templates and style advice for curvy brides; sites with tools that let you build your seating chart and calculate the amount of alcohol you’ll need for your reception; sites that make changing your name a much less painful process than it can be when you go the ol’ pen-and-paper-and-standing-in-a-line route; and sites that help you introduce and bring together your wedding guests, before they’ve even met each other in person. (We told you about that one this summer!)

So even if you’ve got the most involved groom and the most helpful ‘maids around, you should take a click through this list. Could save you both a good bit of headache-ing and possibly yelling down the line.

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