Guesterly: It’s Like a Wedding Yearbook for Your Guests

Your Guesterly book comes out like your very own personal wedding-day magazine. Photo courtesy of Guesterly.

Your Guesterly book comes out like your very own personal wedding-day magazine. Photo courtesy of Guesterly.

A few years ago, one of our lovely colleagues here at Philly mag/PW tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas, and a bunch of us went. (It was even the subject of one of Em’s Diary of a Marriage posts.)

Our lovely little bride Janine and I, as you might imagine, had quite a few powwows as the wedding was being put together, and one of the things she kept bringing up was that she wanted to hand-create some sort of little booklet that all the guests would get in their welcome bags that would run down who each of the other guests were. (There weren’t a ton of people to cover, as destination weddings tend to go.) I thought that idea was super duper cute and that such a booklet would be really fun to have—but I also told her I thought that it sounded like one of those tasks that would make her lose her mind at the last minute and that she’d probably be angry at herself and probably me for deciding that this was something that should happen. So, fab as her thinking was, it didn’t. We were all fine.

But—but!—this exists as an actual thing now! Or rather, the execution of this idea is now an actual service that you can pay for. It’s called Guesterly.

The founders are a married couple who did this for their own wedding—she’s a magazine editor, and wrote the guests’s little bios; he’s an engineer at GE and designed the book—and who are now doing it for weddings across the country.

How it works is pretty simple (they’ve got a video on their site that explains it all): You give them your guest list, you chat with them on the phone, and then you upload your guests’ photos using their little upload doohickey thing (apparently it’s all very easy), and voila! You get your book, you give your guests your book, and then sit back and watch the excited mingling and partying commence at your now extra awesome wedding.

Love it. What do you think—would you use a service like this to create a sense of community among your nearest and dearest who don’t know each other?

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