Study: Watching Relationship-y Movies & Discussing Them With Your Spouse Works Just As Well as Couples Therapy



Good news, couples: If you’ve been feeling like you guys could use a little improvement in the communication department, science says it’s okay to forgo the couples therapy and instead just sign up for Netflix!

Women’s Health reports on a recent study that found that when 200 newlyweds signed up for one of three different kinds of marriage therapy, “relationship awareness through film” turned out to be just as effective as the other two more traditional methods, which involved a professional guiding them through things like conflict management. And, watching a movie took less time and is obviously a lot more fun.

Of course, you can’t just hit play, each zone out at the pretty people in the movie and then get on with your night once it’s over—this practice involves chatting afterwards about the various relationship issues and themes in the film—but apparently, if you use your favorite rom coms and dramas to suss out some stuff about how the two of you function together, you’re pretty much as good to go as if you spent an hour chatting to a third party who will write down everything you say.

So who’s in for this method of relationship maintenance?

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