Wait, What? Apparently, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Are Engaged



I’m not going to lie, people: I am just finding this out. I mean, I was aware last week that Amber Heard had been spotted with a rather sparkly piece of jewelry on her ring finger, but somehow, I missed the confirmation that said sparkly piece of jewelry was, in fact, an engagement ring given to her by one Mr. Johnny Depp. And since no one at the Philly mag web meeting this morning—a group of pop culture-submerged people who spend all day online—had heard that either, I figure you might have missed it, too. (And I swear, I am not only Internet- and wedding news-connected, but celeb-news connected! This is a shocker. I’m kind of ashamed.)

People has the news and the background story. E! has got a semi-picture of the ring, though she seems to be taking great pains to cover it up, so who knows when we’ll get to admire it in all its high-carat glory.

And who knows, with these two—my friend who is very on top of all things celeb news-related says that they have been engaged for months and it’s just that she only started wearing her ring a few days ago—if we’ll ever get to see the dress, but here’s hoping we get pretty pics of both one day.

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Image: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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