6 Things to Know Before You Start Shopping for Your Wedding Dress



If you have been involved in anybody’s wedding dress-shopping adventure—friends, family members, heck, even just binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress—then you undoubtedly have some ideas of the things you should be keeping in mind prior to starting your hunt for the Dress, and while you are actually out and about and in the thick of it.

But also, as you probably know from those friends and family members and countless episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, it’s easy to forget a lot of them, and while some of them aren’t as important (if you can’t remember the difference between a dropped waist and a mermaid, your consultant can certainly fill you in), some other points beg repeating, and you really, really should try to follow them. (Not trying on a dress you can’t in a million years afford is number uno.)

And so here, we’re repeating them. Know before you go.

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